For thirty-two years we meet every week for common choir practice

1985 - in March our 14 founding members established the Collegium Vocale choir. Růžena Saligerová has been the choir master since the very beginning.

1988 - many new members joined and we started working in two bodies - the chamber choir and the large choir.

1998 - we published a CD of the Bohemian Christmas Mass by Jakub Jan Ryba, accompanied by the Iši Krejčí Chamber Orchestra and the world-famous organ of the St. Maurice church in Olomouc.

2001 - we performed Evangelium podle houslí directed by its author, Pavel Helebrand. Many excellent artists, including Jiří Pavlica's Hradišťan, the folklore ensemble Dunajíček or Gymnázium Hejčín choir took part in this performance.

Our exchange stays - concert tours 

Echo - Poznaň, Poland

St. Albert - Munich, Germany

Alma Musica - Antwerpen, Belgium

Svatopluk - Uherské Hradiště, Czech Republic

Singrunde Modling - Vienna, Austria

Questembert - Muzillac, France

Christmas festival - Udine, Italy

Kirchenchor Lyss - Lyss, Switzerland

Perchta - Český Krumlov, Czech Republic