We have performed more than 200 times both in the Czech Republic and in Europe.

Růžena Saligerová/ choir master
Růžena Saligerová/ choir master

Collegium vocale Olomouc is an amateur mixed choir. It was founded in 1985 in Olomouc and since then it remained one of the most stable of Olomouc music bodies.

From the very beginning, Růžena Saligerová has been the art director and choir master.

Our choir comprises of two bodies - the chamber choir and the large choir. The twenty-member chamber choir performs mostly 'a capella' pieces and the large choir, which at this time has over sixty members, allows for performing great music pieces with orchestra accompaniment.

In our repertoire you can mostly find works from the leading masters of European spiritual music from polyphony to the modern day. We collaborate with many European choirs and together we organize concerts and exchange stays.

Members of the Moravian Philharmonic and the Moravian Theatre in Olomouc often take part in our concerts. 

Our fans can enjoy several concerts a year with the traditional Christmas concert on the 25th of December being one of the most popular.

Over the course of our existence we have performed for over 200 times. 

From time to time we take part in various cultural events in the Olomouc region and other places in the Czech Republic - choir music festivals, ceremonial masses, charity concerts, jubilees and vernissages and other events.


We are an amateur choir. We meet regularly after work for choir practice. Several times a year we work on our repertoire in greater depth at weekend-long choir practice stays. We share love of vocal music which makes it worthwhile for us to engage in this time- and money-consuming activity. Every year we organize a ball for our members and friends.